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Migration and cloud migration processes – and the associated software refactoring – is one area where TeamNETROM excels. Check out our track record and discover our expertise. Outsourcing to TeamNETROM means we’ll become your external experts, with 20 years of experience.


TeamNETROM works on rebuilding older software applications every day. Do you have an application that has come to the end of its lifecycle? We’ll look into the (reverse engineering) functionalities and design a futureproof architecture together with the client. Then we’ll redevelop the software. Often, the rebuilding process can now be completed in a fraction of the time that it used to take.

Your software development partner

Since TeamNETROM was founded in 1999, it has grown to become a solid partner for software development. Our software development activities began in Romania but have grown to become a centre of expertise with more than 420 people. TeamNETROM works with partners from 10 different countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium, France and the US. What sets us apart is our transparent development process, high-quality products and excellent scores for customer satisfaction. We believe in investing in quality improvements. There is a major shortage of qualified IT staff worldwide, but TeamNETROM can always meet the needs of its customers. And that shines through in our customer evaluations and in the long-term relationships that we are able to build. Do you have an IT capacity problem? Contact TeamNETROM.


Whitevision software maakt administratieve processen sneller, makkelijker en mooier. WhiteVision schakelde TeamNETROM in om mee te denken over innovatieve oplossingen.



This year we are celebrating NetRom’s 20th anniversary. It’s going to be a big celebration on our relationship day in October. I can't help looking back on all the year that have passed...