Our clients and their relations work to the fullest satisfaction with our reliable, user-friendly and innovative software on a daily basis. In the case studies below, clients explain how our cooperation works in practice. How we eliminate risks and live up to what we promise.



Buro Scanbrit has been named the best travel organization for North-West Europe on several occasions. The subsidiary of Stena Line sells complete trips to Scandinavia, Great Britain and Ireland.



When planning a concert or a performance, the ESB software supports all technical, logistical, personnel, facility and financial processes before, during and after the event. TeamNETROM is enabled to create new versions of the products.


Human Resources

Clients of GrowPromoter can do research themselves with the platform by making questionnaires and sending them in their own house style. TeamNETROM takes care of all software development for Growpromoter.



The three hundred H&S group drivers transport liquid foods throughout Europe. H&S makes innovative solutions for a wide variety of clients. TeamNETROM is developing a portal where the chain collaborates transparently and efficiently.

We develop premium software. Based on your needs we put together the perfect team from our more than 420 IT professionals. We can do that because we have more than 20 years of experience and knowledge within various branches, including yours. Do you have an IT issue that requires specific knowledge? Then we would like to think along with you. We are your external expertise.


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