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Giarte ITX Monitor 2022

The results of the Giarte IT Xperience Monitor (ITX) are published and for the 4th year in a row, NetRom Software is one of the winners. With a fan score of 96% and the highest Customer Satisfaction Score in the IT sector, NetRom Software not only scores better than in 2021, but even in the top 3 of the entire benchmark!

In the coming months we will regularly post an in-depth deep dive, but in this article we share the most important results.

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CEO Han in ’t Veld on the results:

“After the excellent results in recent years, we looked forward to this year's ITX Monitor. The fact that the results are even better confirms that we are on the right track towards becoming a significant player in the IT market. ITX provides practical insights and inspiration for continuously improving the customer experience. Our motto 'employee 1st = customer 1st' matches with this philosophy. By investing in our own people, we can guarantee quality and continuity for the customer.”

Giarte's IT Xperience monitor

The IT Xperience monitor for customer loyalty in business IT services is based on three pillars: output, outcome and monetized performance goals. These pillars form the various building blocks of a successful collaboration and are assessed by customers in Giarte's ITX.

Below we briefly discuss the most important outcomes for NetRom Software for each pillar and we will elaborate on the results for each topic in the coming weeks.

Output: Fan score

For the second year in a row, NetRom Software has a fan score of 96%. The majority of all respondents is therefore a 'fan' of the collaboration. We are extra proud that none of the respondents is a 'distractor'! This is a confirmation of the development and growth we are currently experiencing.

In addition to the fan score, it was also asked whether customers would actively recommend NetRom: the Recommendation Score of 93 is not only far above the market average, it is the highest in the entire benchmark!

Outcome: Customer Satisfaction

NetRom Software also scores highest on Customer Satisfaction, by Giarte listed as Customer Delight Score. This involves checking whether customers are satisfied with the collaboration and this is made up of three different measuring points: Trust, Recommendation & Expectations. After a fantastic score last year (88), we have raised the bar even higher with a score of 89!

Monetized performance goals: Reletting

The last important pillar of the ITX Monitor is about the question: "If you had the choice, would you work with NetRom again for IT-related outsourcing in the future?". To that question no less than 77% answer with a resounding 'YES'. Another 18% say they are very likely to work with us again. This joint score of 95% positive reactions shows that our motto 'employee 1st = customer 1st' also has an effect on the relationship with our customers!

About Giarte

Giarte has been researching the human experience in IT for more than 15 years and is the founder of the Xperience Level Agreement (XLA®). XLA is a method to approach the experience of customers, employees and the business from a human perspective. Xperience Management and XLA® helps organizations to optimally align with what is really important for customers, employees and the business. The IT Xperience Monitor (ITX) is an annual measurement of customer satisfaction with the services of leading and rapidly emerging IT companies in the Dutch market.


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