04 February 2022

Whitepaper: Successful and happy product owners

Good product owners are scarce. Product owners know better than anyone how to find out what is required from the business, and gradually convert the vision into reality. That is why they must be able to do their work effectively with motivation and enthusiasm. In this whitepaper we give 8 tips on how to do this.



Ask Google what a product owner does, and you will immediately get 600,000 results. In addition you will find a different answer on every website. That makes sense, because a product owner has an eminently dynamic role, which is given a different interpretation per sector and product. Also, there is no formal training for product owners.

Good product owners are scarce

The product owner has an eminently dynamic role, which is given a different interpretation per sector and product. So it's not always easy to know what the right match is. Perhaps the following questions are familiar to you:

- How does a product owner see his or her own role?
- How do you ensure that a product owner is and remains in his or her place?
- How do you motivate a product owner?

The answers to these questions can be found in our whitepaper that is full of insights and practical tips from various experienced product owners, Productowner.nl and Han in't Veld (CEO NetRom).

Product Owner Masterclass

NetRom is organizing a series of interactive masterclasses in April for managers and their product owners. Do not expect presentations packed with theory, but plenty of room for inspiring discussions based on practical examples, interesting statements and Q&As. And of course a nice drink afterwards.

07-04 | The most important skills of a product owner
14-04 | Creating an environment for total ownership and responsibility
21-04 | From first idea to successful product
28-04 | Scrum and the agile mindset in distributed teams (mixed in-house & nearshore)

Productowner.nl, Danny Dreverman, NetRom and various clients, such as: Transdev; Bol.com and Ridder Group.

Click here for more information about the masterclasses!

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