When you become a client of ours, we won’t work only for you, but also with you. We work with independent software vendors and major end users to develop premium software. Designed specifically for you. Based on your IT needs, we’ll put together the perfect team from our more than 420 IT professionals. View our services +

Technology Stacks

Technology Experience

We have the knowledge for almost all operating systems, database management systems, frameworks, development method or programming language!

Quality Assurance

Our quality policy is based on clear agreements, structured communication and clear checklists. TeamNETROM has a dedicated QA department with more than 70 test engineers, the majority of whom are STQB certified. We are strong supporters of automatic testing and have built so-called CI / CD (continuous integration - continuous delivery) systems for a number of clients.


Our developers test every new version of your software thoroughly and efficiently. We use the most advanced tools for optimization. We like to work with Test Complete, Compuware Devpartner, NUnit, PHPUnit, JUnit, Cactus, Lime and Selenium. These tools are powerful and also highly versatile.

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