02 April 2020


On 8th of March, in Romania we are celebrating "Women's Day", a day in which we are all cherishing our mothers, grandmothers, daughters and sisters, the ones who took care of us and offered us their love and support. We made this 8th of March really special for a lot of people.

To who we say "Thank you"

We have challenged our colleagues to spare some time to remind their school years and to go down the memory lane and remember their women teachers. The special one for each of them who influenced their development as a professional, but especially as human. For all this we owe them respect: a nice bouquet of flowers, a reminder, a Thank you ... from the future!

Our little imagination exercise become as real as possible within the campaign "Thank you ... from the future!", a campaign through which we have invited our colleagues to turn their attention to a special woman teacher who taught them, was next to them, she has opened their road and inspired them. To who and how we say a big "Thank you!"?

To a oh la la la la French teacher

"The fact that the first thought when I read the email went to your image from all those years made me write these lines, behind which there is a lot of gratitude, respect and appreciation for how she knew to instill in the child back then the pleasure for a foreign language, the desire to dream and then to discover the country, as well as the ambition to be appreciated by you. Although your influence is not felt in the professional environment with regard to French language, I can say that I feel it as seriousness and rigor in approaching things. There would be more to say here, but I will end with the mention, in case you were wondering, that I was the one who was writhing on the board in the upper right corner, “Aujourd’hui, c’est le 2 Mars 2020” .
And in honor of those memories... Je vous suis sincèrement reconnaissante pour toutes ces choses et tant d’autres encore…Je vous souhaite mes meilleurs voeux! Merci beaucoup, madame la professeure!"

To a “out of the box” English teacher

"Reading the email, immediately it came to mind a teacher, who for both me and many others of my generation, trained us and helped us to develop ourselves more than anyone. Through the extra-curricular activities she has done over the years, through the nonconformist manner in which she taught (and still teaches) the English language, she has helped us, her students, to think "out of the box" and try to push our boundaries. I could write a whole composition about how much she has done and continues to do for countless students, but I will just say that she is not just a teacher, but a true teacher who has been constantly concerned about the personal development of her students. For all your activity, I would be glad to surprise you!"

To a super Math Teacher

"I don't remember many things from '97 -'98, but the hours spent solving math problems, the way you explain our solutions, the tea / coffee you enjoyed while we struggled to solve the problems. .. I remember it in detail. And if I remember them with pleasure now, it means that you have reached your teaching purpose, namely to help me discover my talent, ability, interest and potential. And for that, I thank you!"

Our colleagues told the story in their own style, helped us with a few details and NetRom, after a to the book investigation prepared and delivered together with them a beautiful bouquet of flowers accompanied by all our gratitude for the human and professional yesterday formed by the teachers, today key members of our team.

To a model Informatics Teacher

    "In my case, my passion for computer science is due to you, as well as the formation of solid bases in programming since high school ... the first steps based on which I built my studies in computers and my career. A model for me today!"

    The best part of the campaign was that for the past two weeks we were accomplices and we have prepared really emotional reencounters. The hard part, how to set up the reunion without revealing the surprises.

    Judging by the photos, we’ve handle it pretty well.

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